Adventures in Printing...

I'm the midst of trying out a few new ways of printing my images to see which ones I like. The latest experiment is printing on a bamboo block by Plywerk - it's feeling pretty good.


The substrate is sustainable bamboo (love that) floated in a custom cut frame. It's ready to hang, or just set on a shelf, mantel, desk, etc. The outside edges of the frame measure just over 6"; the image inside is 5" x 5” and everything is archival. 

Ready to hang - woo hoo! 

Ready to hang - woo hoo! 

If you’re interested in snapping this up (it’s the only one that exists at the moment!) shoot me a note! It's $85 with free shipping anywhere in the US (or we can arrange pickup if you’re in the Portland area).

And feel free to shoot me a note if you’d like a different picture of mine in this format - with or without the frame - happy to arrange! 

Oh and extra shoutout to Chet and Dot for the wooly flowers - I picked these up at the da Vinci Arts Fair this year, and they literally make everything better.