About Me

I’ve always loved to make and look at beautiful things and think about them. My work is inspired by the magic and color and beauty of anything and everything I encounter - from a scene from a Kieslowski film to a line from a Simenon novel to the lighting at a Camper van Beethoven show. It’s all in there somewhere. I'm also inspired by color sensation and minimalist-with-warmth artists like Anne Truitt, Richard Tuttle, James Turrell, Josef Albers, Ellsworth Kelly, Sol Lewitt and many more.

I'm interested in the way images can stop us, disrupt us, and ultimately change us. I often explore dualistic themes in my work - tension/release, soft/hard, intersections/distractions, seriousness/playfulness.

About The Work

I create my art on a touchscreen with my fingers. The digital technique I've been developing for a few years is a hybrid of painting, drawing and screenprinting. The images are then printed using pigment ink on thick, velvet fine art,100% cotton rag paper. (That means that prints are not “reprints” of an original work — they are the original work.) The completed work is completely archival. Prints are sold unframed.

A friend once told me that she wants to live with pieces of art that "you can get to know, but that you never get to the end of."  I hope my work can be this and do this. 

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